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Throw cushions

In any interior (throw cushions) are indispensable. (Throw) cushions are an easy and simple way to make your home cozy, welcome your guests and to give your interior a different look.(Throw) cushions bring your home to life and are ideal to put your personal taste or color accents in your interior. Cushions bring consistency in your interior. This make cushions and (throw) cushions home accessories which you much pay attention to.

We offer a wide selection of trendy throw cushions with unique designs. Are you looking for original decorative cushions and throw cushions? On this page you are able to see which cushions will perk up your living room or bedroom. Henders and Hazel offers cushions with original prints and designs. Read as well our styling tips to decorate your home in the right way with cushions.

Henders and Hazel styling tips cushions

  • Combine in a basic interior a variety of different design throw cushions. This will create a playful effect on a plain couch and this way you can lay the coloraccents on the focal point in your home. Couch cushions provide a good back support. Not just pretty but also very functional!
  • Stack in a corner a pile of cushions, from large to small, on top of one another. This creates a cozy atmosphere. In a basic interior with neutral walls, unique prints can give character to the livingroom or bedroom.
  • Sidetables can also be used stack a pile of cushions on. This is of course not the standard place for throw cushions but gives you a nice neat effect. With the right colors, this can complement your seatingarea and give you more comfort.
  • Different sizes of cushions or throw cushions make your interior more excited. Combine larger throw cushions with smaller throw cushions to create a fun playful effect!
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