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Candle holders

Candles give a warm atmosphere in the house. Especially during the cold winter months, it calls for coziness and to be together. Present you candles in beautiful candlesticks(holders) this way you put subtle accents in your interior. Candles can give you the idea during dinner to have long talks afterwards or take care of that romantic surprise for your loved one. Good candle holders are a good investment. Not only does it look beautiful on the table, it also prevents candlewax dripping on the table.That would be a shame for your table and atmosphere!

Henders & Hazel has candlesticks(holder) for a single candle or candlesticks(holder) for multiple candles. Our candlesticks(holders) are available in a simple design, but candlesticks(holders) with a more special design can also be found on this page. Do you have a sleek and minimalist interior? Then beautiful candlesticks(holders) can serve as a trendy accent on the coffee table, sideboard and dining table. We have high candlesticks(holders) for a more classy appearance, bu also shorter versions that are highly functional in use. At Henders & Hazel you can easily and quickly compare all candlesticks(holders) online!

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