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Nice TV's deserve as well matching TV units. Especially these days with the flat screens, a TV unit, TV sideboard or wall shelf are suitable to display your TV. A tv sideboard as well offers the space to store dvd, cables, dvd player and other video equipment. So you can concentrate on a good movie or on your favorite tv program without getting disturbed by clutter.

Henders and Hazel has a big collection of tv units. Are you looking for a wall shelf for you tv? Or rather a complete tv sideboard? Take a look on this page for all models, sizes and styles. We have modern and t rendy tv furniture, but also for the more timeless designs we can help you further. For smaller spaces provides a sturdy wall shelf a stylish solution. Our collection tv funiture, wall shelves and tv sideboards are characterized by quality and durability.

Henders and Hazel styling tips tv furniture

  • Arrange DVDs on color and make sure they are in a row in the TV dresser in neat piles. Certainly in open tv furniture these simple tips can help you create tranquility in the living room. So can you watch tv without any distractions after a day of work.
  • A wall shelf is ideal for smaller living rooms or bedrooms to place your tv on. A second wall shelf is a playful way to display your DVD's. Especially for movie collectors among us, this gives an extra personal touch.
  • Often a tv unit or tv sideboard provides on each side still some space to place some belongings. Make sure that you don't too busy living accessories as this diverts the attention from the screen. A stack of plain cushions could maximize the cozy atmosphere and simple waxine teelights can provide additional lighting while watching tv. Don't put the candles too close to the tv!
  • A wallshelf is not only suitable to place a tv on. Beautiful designbooks also look good on a wallshelf. Especially against a plain painted wall the effect will be huge.
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